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Submersible Pump

Submersible Pump

Setting ourselves up as a major player in the industry, we bring forth Submersible Pump. It is manufactured making use of unmatched raw material ensuring its unrivaled quality and durability. We leave no stone unturned in our attempts to match our quality to the various parameters and standards set by the industry. They are available at economical rates. Our team of seasoned professionals takes care of the designing and fabrication.


Technical Specification
Motor :

  • Body is of S.S. 304 Grade heavy duty pipe from top to bottom.
  • Stator-Rotor are of imported high silicon stamping which minimize the iron losses.
  • Coper strip (Rod) of Rotor is of pure E.C. Grade coper as per IS std.
  • Winding wire is of tapin type having high reisting insulating capacity up to 5000V.
  • Tafflon plate and S.S. Bearing as well as fibber plate & Bronze bearing are used.
  • Bushes are as per IS Std.

Pump (V-6) : Bowls, NRV, Suction, shaft, couple, clamping strips, stud/nuts etc. Are made from S.S. 304 Grade nonmagnetic noncorrosive material. This pump can be run in sandy or muddy water without any wear & tear.

(V-5 & V-4) : Bowls made from Noryl GFN2-701 are inserted in S.S. 304 Grade pipe.
V-4 Subersible Pumpsets are also available in Brass Models (ie. NRV, Suction, Housing, Base, etc. Are made from brass)

Indkoyo characteristic performance curves.

  • Graph is of Head V/S discharges (H-Q). Discharge fluctuate almost inversly proportionate to Head, So as minor change occurs in efficiency in best performance range. (ie. Discharge increases fremendously, if Head reduces.)
  • Graph is of input power V/S discharge (W-Q). Slop is very flat i.e. Minor increase in power consumption with increases of discharge.
  • Graph is overall efficiency V/S discharge (N-Q).

There is only opp. 5% fluctuation in oveall efficiency in the event of 20% increase and 30% decrease in head from Duty pt.

  • H- Total head of water in meter
  • N- Overall efficiency in %
  • Q- Discharge in Lpm.
  • W- Input Power in KW.

Conclusion : When the water level comes up, flow increases much more (even in high head pump), so no need to change pump.


Salient features & Technical Data

Sr. No


V-6 Subersible Pumpset

V-5 Submersible Pumpset

V-4 Submersible Pumpset


Range of H.P.

3HP to 25 HP (Three Phase only)

3HP to 7.5 HP (Three Phase only)

0.5 HP to 3 HP (Single & three Phase only)


Range of Head

15 mtr. To 450 mtr. (50² ft to 1500² ft)

30 mtr. To 235 mtr. (100² ft to 770² ft)

20 mtr. To 245 mtr. (65² ft ti 800²ft)


Range of discharge of Duty point

120 lpm to 1000 lpm

70 lpm to 160 lpm

25 lpm to 160 lpm


Maximum discharge at low head

240 lpm to 1800 lpm

140 lpm to 280 lpm

60 lpm to 260 lpm


Maximum head per stage

15 mtr (50² ft)

7.5 mtr. (25² ft)

6 mtr (20² ft)


Operating Voltage for better result.

250 V to 450 V (Volt phase to phase)

300 V to 450 V (Volt phase to phase)

140 V to 260V (Volt phase to Neutral)


Material Specification of Bowlset

304 Grade S.S. Non magnetic & G.M. Impeller with S.S. Neck ring

Engineering Plastic Noryl-GFN2-701 Grade

Engineering Plastic Noryl-GFN2-701 Grade


Weight & Length of pump

Very short in length and light in weight compore to conventional M.S./C.I. Pump

Very light due to Noryl-Bowlset & light S.S. Pipe of pump and motor

Very light due to Noryl-Bowlset & light S.S. Pipe and motor.


Durability of pump set.

Very long life due to S.S. 304 Bowl and fully S.S. Body motor.

Long life due to S.S. Body of pump and motor.

Long life due to S.S. Body of pump and motor.


Output/power consumption

More out by 20 to 30% than conventional M.S/C.I. Body pumpset so as it saves the electricity.

More out put by 20 to 30 % than conventional pump.

More out put by 20 to 30% than conventional pump.



Sun Shining

& very attractive (Colour less pump)

Very good outlook due to S.S. Body of pump and motor.

Very good outlook due to S.S. Body of pump and motor

  • Submersible Pump 01

  • Submersible Pump 02